a creative studio .


Our goal is to make imagery that stands out. This is accomplished when we start from the beginning. Creating a media plan with a vision that incorporates the needs of the client along with the various tools and unique techniques our studio utilizes.


We make media from scratch. From meticulous pre-production planning to sending the final product, we are dedicated to making . We make 30s Instagram videos, short films, analog & digital photography pieces, multimedia campaign packages and anything that allows the media to be different.


Because all of our editing is done in-house we are able to have complete control of the end result. This includes motion graphics, color, sound design, and visual effects. Visual assets from any project, time period, or production will be cut into an original piece. All with turn-around times that keeps everyone happy and on schedule.


Based out of Bend, Oregon. We are filmmakers, photographers, artistic directors, designers, creative entrepreneurs, and content curators.

contact: brint@brintondouglas.com